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The 30 hectare (75 acre) estate known as Espaladous stretches calm and untroubled alongside the river Sumène. It is surrounded by pine, fir and deciduous forests. And it is fed by abundant pure, clear spring water. The gardens border the hamlet that snuggles into this unspoilt valley where everything invites you to refresh your spirit and recharge your batteries.

Dormant for some 80 years, the estate was awakened to renewed activity at the initiative of Ulrich Rampp, founder and Managing Director of the Biofloral laboratory, who has been living in this valley for more than 30 years. Located opposite the Biofloral laboratory which sits on the other side of the valley, Espaladous offers a new, human dimension that renews the bond with the earth and gives sense and satisfaction to those in contact with it.

The gardens, cultivated using biodynamic methods, produce medicinal plants most of which are intended for the Biofloral laboratory. Some are also transformed on-site to produce macerated oils of flowers, soaps etc. Vegetables, including certain rare and old species whose seed stocks are conserved at the Espaladous site, are cultivated using permaculture techniques, in particular for use in the site's own kitchens.

Courses run by the permanent members of the site are regularly offered to the public in order to allow visitors to get to know and participate in the site's activities. Espaladous also offers discovery breaks and replenishment breaks. In addition, creative and artistic activities are central to the life of Espaladous.

Whether you decide to stay for a few days, weeks or months, accommodation is available on-site in rooms designed and decorated to harmonise with the surrounding natural environment and offer you comfort, tranquillity and beauty. Balconies and terraces look out over the beautiful valley of the Sumène whose gentle gurgling combines with the surrounding birdsong to mark the rhythms of the day. The great hall situated in the old barn is used for events, concerts and other creative activities. It is adjacent to the shared dining area. The various buildings and structures are organised around a central courtyard that contains green spaces and natural water features.  


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